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Raul Costa is enjoying some time on the couch watching tv when Alice Wayne stealthily enters the room behind him. She sneaks up behind her boyfriend, letting her eyes drink him in. Reaching forward, she covers his eyes in a sensual way of getting Raul's attention while simultaneously letting him know just what she wants. Raul is instantly turned on and willing to play Alice's game. He leans back for a kiss, then gently guides Alice around to the front of the couch where he fills his palms with the bounty within her bra. Relieving her of the strip of fabric, he lets her breasts bounce free so he can squeeze them and stroke the nipples to hardness. Alice finds herself seated in Raul's lap as his big hands roam her soft body. When they settle between her thighs, she lets her head fall back in pure feminine bliss. Raul takes advantage, laying Alice back on the sofa and freeing her of her lingerie so he can put fingers and tongue to work feasting on that cream filled pussy. Alice wants the D, but she takes a detour from her ultimate destination for Raul's fuck stick by taking him first in her mouth. Her blowjob is sweet as she bobs her head, taking in as much of Raul's big dick as she can. Meanwhile, her hands explore Raul's cock and balls with content strokes before she rears back and rubs the head of his stiffie all over her jugs. Finally Raul gets the opportunity to sink balls deep into the yielding softness of Alice's creamy snatch. He takes her on her back, sliding deep into her slippery warmth. Then Raul gently switches their positions up so that Alice is seated astride his hard cock with her back to his chest. Turning around in Raul's lap, Alice continues to ride him with long, firm strokes. She is so well endowed that her boobs jiggle in Raul's face, inviting him to catch them up in his big hands and suckle the nipples to hardness. He continues exploring those jiggling delights with the palms of his hands as they switch things up once again so that Raul is spooning Alice as they bang. Getting on her hands and knees, Alice invites Raul to come back inside her juicy snatch until he brings her to the final peak of pleasure. As her body pulses in bliss, Alice gets back on her knees to suck Raul off until he reaches the same precipice. He pulls out of her mouth just in time to cover her big titties in a cumshot that leaves them both smiling.

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